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Over 10 Crore Indian students are preparing for 70+ Govt. Job Exams every year, provide Online Coaching & Test Series for students by starting your own centre with Us! Now you can understand how much the scope of this venture in this 2020. Thats why Abearix India offering master franchisee.

Minimum you need to invest 35k and upto 2 lakh. This is a proven and growing venture.

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Why Should I Be Part Of Abearix Distributorship / Master Franchisee ?

Join Us In This Wonderful Journey To Help Millions Realize Their True Potential, And
Establish Yourself As A Force To Be Reckoned With In The Online Test Business.

Lets see Some statistical data here...

Sustainable Business Model

Minimal requirements for establishing a Test centre

Minimal staff requirement and training

Low investment, high returns scheme

Full accreditation given to franchises

Still, You are thinking. Let me tell you more things about this Abearix distributorship. why you should invest in this offering. Here’s the following reason –

  • ✅ Very Low Investment & Best Online Education Business.
  • ✅ No off Season like in the Computer Education & other Education Business.
  • ✅ Candidates are always available for All India Competitive Exams Preparations.
  • ✅ Every Second Candidate is giving Entrance & Competitive Exams.
  • ✅ Franchise Institute Name with Complete Details is shown on the site.
  • ✅ A lot of Competitive & Entrance Online Exam in One Portal.
  • ✅ The cost of the Exam is very low; no other site is providing the Online Exam in this cost.

Benefits: Abearix Also Offering To Retail Or White Label Partners Following Things Also

  • Full Branding design and initial marketing support
  • Free training for recruited staff
  • Continuous Technical support
  • Provide updated information on the competitive exam modules
  • Set up software capable of conducting multiple mock tests on a single platform

More Benefits

  • ✅ Domain and AWS hosting(Free).
  • ✅ 100 + Govt Exams state and centre Mock test across multiple categories.
  • ✅ Complete Online Tutorial, Assessment, And Learning Management System For Grades 4 to 10.
  • ✅ An exclusive offer on registrations in support of staying at home during this Lockdown. Offer Period: Registrations till 30th May 2020.
  • ✅ Own Payment Gateway.
  • ✅ You tube classes on their app with promotional features.
  • ✅ Full admin and student panel.
  • ✅ Brand promotion and reach your students.
  • ✅ Help for online class setup.
  • ✅ More important full service support

Benefits In Brief

Very low investment and highly efficient online business.

The overall set-up process is very smooth and requires minimal investment. A simple computer laboratory with stable internet connections will suffice.

Our Business is perennial and not based on seasonal trends

There will be no off-season slumps, as will be the case with many other businesses in the education market.

Candidates for government-based competitive examinations are readily available.

There are a huge number of competitive examinations in India which are conducted throughout the year. This ensures a constant inflow of students throughout the year.

Every other person is giving competitive examinations

Posts in Government departments are one of the most secure and lucrative jobs in the current market. A large portion of the young adult population is aspiring candidates.

Our policy of clarity and credit towards our franchisees.

The franchisees will be fully accredited with their supported services and will be certified to host major online mock tests in the future as well.

Original website and mobile app available.

We have a fully-functional website and concise mobile app to extend our outreach to the millions of netizens at current.

Best in class online examinations for the lowest prices.

Our low prices and sustainable business model ensure that there will be a constant demand for our services.

No One Can Refuse Facts & Figures

56  +
Lacs Students

126  +
Crores Of Question

1,550  +
Business Partners

Some of Newly Opened Center photos & distributors

Indian's only Ed-Tech Startup Franchisingthe Simplest Business Model

The Bunch of Satisfied Reviews

My computer center has been an associate of Abearix India for over five years today. I am very grateful for their continued support and flexible partnership policy which has enabled me to run my business smoothly as well.

Maneesh Jyoti Adhikary

My business was barely established when I became an online test center in Abearix India. It has become one of the crucial decisions in my brief professional life as their income inflow has allowed me to a life of comfort.


My institute was initially a small cyber café before I found out about Abearix India. Ever since I tied the knot with them, my business had been booming. With the help and guidance from Abearix India, my cyber café has been transformed into a high-end test center within a matter of months.

Deepsikha Priyadarshini

I was a small-time share-broker, and work was difficult to come by at a critical time. Abearix India came to my rescue in a dire time, enabling me to renovate my office and collection of computers into a fully functioning test center. I will be forever grateful towards the Abearix India initiative.

Hardik Naik

Mr. Sunil Kumar


The founder of our institution has been a scholar of great repute. He placed in the top 10 of his board examinations and was also a recipient of the KVPY fellowship. He completed his Master’s at IISc Bangalore, which is one of the top universities in India. In the course of his research, he published numerous papers in renowned international and national journals. He cracked the IAS examination on his first attempt and has served in the administrative service department for over 15 years. Finally, at the twilight of his career, he has blessed us with his knowledge and experience through the venture of Abearix India. He aims to reach out to every man and woman and instill in them the confidence and motivation to crack this world-class examination.